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Massage Services


Licensed Massage Therapists in some of the West Coast's most luxurious destinations come to your location to provide a relaxing, yet energizing chair massage everyone will enjoy.  Casino'ssage therapists are regularly at some of Las Vegas' premier resort pools, casinos, poker rooms, golf courses, and special events.

Poolside & Private Cabanas


Our Poolside and Private Cabana services allow your guests to be secretly tucked away in an oasis of pleasure while still enjoying the open air. All services are performed near their lounge chairs or in their cabana, where serenity and bliss await.


While relaxing the day away, your guests can enjoy our chair massage, specially designed to bring the spa to them, outside. Our Licensed Massage Therapists use a variety of comforting techniques along with light to medium pressure. Sensory indulgence can be combined with the healing powers of aromatherapy and massage technique to leave your guests feeling calm and relaxed.  If your guests would rather be massaged in the water, our therapists are happy to accommodate!

Poker Rooms


Poker Room massage has gained enormous popularity in Las Vegas during the past few years. It gives casinos a value-added service to reward and nurture their patrons. Massage relaxes and re-energizes players and encourages them to extend their time at the table.  Tournament players will enjoy the convenience and added luxury of a table-side massage without interrupting the game.


Casino'ssage allows poker enthusiasts to continue playing the game uninterrupted during massage. With our specially-designed cushions, VIP and regular players receive massage while remaining in their chairs at the table.

Golf Courses


Golfers are learning they don't need to be on the PGA Tour to benefit from massage therapy. At destination golf resorts around the world, we can design massage sessions to target the specific needs of recreational golfers.


With proper warm-up and stretching, followed by massage to prepare muscles, tendons and ligaments, we can bring your golfers up to 100% performance from a pre-massage potential of only 60-70%.  Happy golfers are return golfers!

Employee Appreciation


Increase production, morale, and employee retention with regulary scheduled office massages. Our ongoing plans are easy to implement, simple to maintain, and we integrate seamlessly into your office or event.


How does massage benefit your company? A 15-minute massage break is more effective than a cup of coffee, and it boosts employee morale at the same time.  Massage reduces tension and pain, and improves circulation, reducing number of sick days and enhancing employee productivity. Offering massage will increase employee retention, as it's a great way to say "Thank you" for a job well done. Casino'ssage is a wonderful enhancement to any existing wellness program, or a terrific way to start one!

Conventions and Conferences


Conventions and conferences can be exhausting!  Casino'ssage caters to the needs of convention and conference attendees and vendors, offering a relaxing and rejuvenating chair massage to get everyone ready for the rest of the day. Our Licensed Massage Therapists will attract and reward customers and conventioners for your next trade show.

Malls and Retail


Help prevent your customers from dropping while they're shopping! Our Licensed Massage Therapists use a variety of comforting techniques along with light to medium pressure, to alleviate their sore legs and back, and rejuvenate them so they can continue their shopping spree.


Our chair massage venue in retail establishements takes up minimal floor space, can be placed prominently or off the beaten path, and/or in high traffic areas such as food courts.  We can extend our massage services to mall staff at discounted rates.

Sporting Events


Let's face it, stadium seats usually aren't the most comfortable place to sit for hours on end while your favorite athletes fight for the win.  We offer by-the-minute massage services to get your fans rejuvenated quickly, so they don't miss any of the action. Fans of all sports will enjoy a chair massage from one of our Licensed Massage Therapists, while cheering on their team.


Our services are available to athletes, teams, coaches, and trainers as well.

Fashion Shows


If you've ever been behind the scenes at a fashion show, you know it's pure chaos and tension.  Our Licensed Massage Therapists can alleviate all the stress and pressure with a quick, but relaxing and rejuvenating, chair massage for the models and designers.



Unwind on the beach with a luxurious massage. Immerse yourself in the hypnotic sound of the ocean waves as fresh ocean breezes caress you while we massage all your tensions away.


Cassino'ssage offers a truly tropical experience, healing and balancing your mind, body and soul. Our exceptional, world class staff of Licensed Massage Therapists will provide the perfect revitalizing treatment for your guests.



We offer massage services for all your wedding celebrations! Pamper yourself as you celebrate at your Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Parties. Walk down the aisle radiant, relaxed, and happy with an amazing massage on or before your wedding day.  We can massage you and your wedding party at the hotel, wedding venue, or wherever it's convenient. Give yourself and your attendants what you all need on the big day... stress relief!  A chair massage will help everyone feel their best and it's a great way to say thanks for making your day special.  Start your new life relaxed, rejuvenated, and connected with a couple's massage after your wedding. We come to you with massage chairs, calming music, and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils for aromatherapy.

Theme Parks


Theme Parks are some of the most fun environments, but they can also be some of the most exhausting.  Casino'ssage caters to the needs of your park attendees and employees, offering a relaxing and rejuvenating chair massage to get everyone ready for the rest of the day. Our Licensed Massage Therapists will attract and reward your guests the next time they visit your theme park.


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